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Calls Grow to Use National Guard to Protect Coulter, Free Speech at Berkeley

The President really needs to do this or people are going to get hurt. These thugs need to be confronted with force to make them pay the price for the rioting. The actions of the Hard Left Fascists on campuses are now reaching the red zone. If they are not stopped, this rioting and violence will end up at the doors of the Church. In the end, they hate everything we stand for, so if left unchecked they will head to the Church.

Israel’s MK Glick on Attending Trump Inauguration: We Are Living in a Biblical Era

It seems that the atmosphere is now charged with something happening regarding the Lord. God will let us know when he is moving on the earth. As we seek the Lord and stay focused on the coming of the Lord Jesus for his bride, God will tip us off that he is moving in judgment against the nations.
We need to stay laser focused on Jerusalem because events regarding this city let us know what the prophetic temperature is. Right now it is hot!


My eyes are focused on war with North Korea and Obama going to Israel. It is frightening to think of Obama standing in Jerusalem and demanding the city be divided and war looming with NK! God always warns His people before judgment. It seems that God is warning America that it faces war with NK in connection for touching Jerusalem.

Urgent: Massive Earthquake Swarm and Hurricane

I hope that everyone is prepared, if not, please immediately do so with what little time is left. Droughts, fires, hurricanes, earthquakes can you see the pattern! God is about to crush the United States for promoting sodomy and touching Israel.

God's Final Warning to America

“According to the U.S. Drought Monitor, as of July 31st close to two-thirds of the continental United States was experiencing at least some level of drought. Keep in mind that brown is “severe drought”, red is “extreme drought” and dark brown in “exceptional drought”. This is truly a historic drought. We have never seen anything like this in modern times in the United States.”