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ISLAM: Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret

I want you to play close attention to the video I posted under Islam. This is a MUST watch. It is 30 minutes long, so set time aside to watch to watch it. The video is so good that you may want to watch it twice. Right now the pressure for World War 3 is building from China. I posted information about what is going on with the Chinese military and economy. As the nations are heading towards WW3, it is like a slow moving train wreck. It is coming, but when it hits the destruction is awesome.

Update: The Road to World War 3

What I posted was a week of events leading to World War 3. When nations start mobilizing for war as Russia and now China have done, it is very difficult for them to stand down. The idea of war takes on a life of its own.

Russia and Start of World War Three

It appears that Putin believes that Obama and the Western Europeans are so weak that it is now time to move. The West did nothing after the Russians shot down the jet killing 300 people. Obama’s weakness directly leads to aggression like this.