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Flakka, drug that makes people bark and strip, wreaks havoc in Midwest, South

The verse of the day refers to David feigning madness when he was confronted by King Achish, in order to save his own life. A new drug has become an epidemic in Florida and is moving into the Midwest. But a variety of new street drugs have become available in recent years, and most recently flakka is the synthetic drug which creates this behavior for real in users. It is endemic in Florida and now the Midwest is being overtaken. At a cost of only $3 to $5 it is within reach of virtually anyone who wants an extreme high – and that’s what it causes. It is more dangerous than either cocaine or methamphetamine and is deadly. So far 63 people have died and for those who have survived, kidney failure and permanent neurological damage can result, among other things.
Why would people put their mental health and lives at stake for a short high that leads them to behavior such as barking or running down the street naked, paranoid and delusional? It’s hard to understand for those of us not afflicted with such a severe need to escape reality. Part of it is self-medication, though even then, there surely are better ways to do something like that. But the only real answer for such pain is Jesus Christ, who can heal us of the need for this escapism. Only He can heal broken hearts, give us a new outlook on life, and a reason to live for something worthwhile, for his kingdom. It doesn’t always happen instantaneously, but it does happen if we turn to Him with our problems and pain, instead of seeking to escape them through satan’s means because these only lead to further suffering and destruction of lives.


Cabinet Members Launch White House Bible Study

Some absolutely wonderful news for a change: God is answering the prayers of the remnant and raising up godly leaders under President Trump. We pray that this will continue and grow until another Great Awakening overtakes our nation! For the first time in over 100 years a Bible study is taking place weekly in the White House, and officials of the highest level are attending.
What a change this is from the administration of Obama! Under his leadership, life became increasingly more difficult for Christians. Now, we have a true reason to rejoice, and God surely will bless this seeking of Him by our new leaders.We pray they gain wisdom through the study of his Word.


Bill to create panel that could remove Trump from office quietly picks up Democratic support

I have been reporting that the Dems would try this. They have numerous Hard Left psychiatrists ready to state that the President is not mentally fit for office. This is really dangerous for the country, and I think that it is a clear case of trying to create a coup to overthrow the elected government of the United States.


Will anyone rescue European women?

European men may look like men, but on the inside few are real men. They have been neutered of their manliness. For several generations the feminists have worked to get the manliness out of men. They have done a really good job. Men no longer see a need to protect women because they are competitors at work and women can fight in the army, so the attitude is to let them take care of themselves.



This article shows how the US is now on a course to divide, just like it did during the first Civil War. California and New York are leading the way in the division. They have created their own immigration policy and now are doing the same with climate change. The problem is that the vast number of Americans support the President’s immigration policy and are against the Paris Accords.