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Abba Father International Fellowship

Pastor Zephania and his wife Gladys just returned home from a crusade in Rwanda and the Congo. The Holy Spirit moved in a mighty way and many souls were saved and hearts were healed. Many Muslims also confessed Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. He also handed out thousands of Jesus Christ Came to Heal the Brokenhearted brochures along with hundreds of the book, When Jesus Sets You Free.


Abba Father International Fellowship: Malawi, Uganda

God is opening doors for the Prophecy Packet all over the world. The requests for our information are now staggering and we thank the Lord for this. Most of the foreign contacts are very poor and cannot afford to pay. If we do not send the materials for free, then they never will be sent.


EU Prez Juncker Threatens ‘Texit’ as Revenge for Trump’s Brexit Support

The way California is going, that would be Juncker’s best shot at dividing America. California is already almost like a foreign country. His statements show how the desperate the New World Order is over President Trump’s American nationalism and the weakness of the EU!
The EU works overtime to try and divide Israel, and now the EU is being divided! Wow, these are exciting times.


Russia taunts US with biggest military offensive since the Cold War

Once again, the lead article is about the tensions of war growing between Russia and the USA. This is real and the slightest incident could ignite WW3. Putin has warned Obama, but Obama is in a delusion so it is impossible to tell what he is going to do.
No matter what happens, keep your spiritual eyes focused on the Lord Jesus and his coming for us. This is reality.


Get to know Satan after school! Activists against religion in classrooms petition for after school club

The main article is about satanists getting access to school children. As the nation rejects God and mocks his word, the devil is flooding in and targeting our children. This is yet another example of how weak the Church is, and how God is turning the nation over to satan for judgment. So, we have the Muslims pouring into America along with the rise of the homosexual movement, and now satanism! The picture is very clear that God is now turning America over to evil for judgment.
Where is the Church of Jesus Christ?

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