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Hillary’s Prison Blues (White Trash in the White House)

I’ve posted two satires about Hillary that I thought were very funny and well done. Facing this election, we need some laughs.
There also is a great article about scientific research proving the accuracy of the modern Bible.
Make sure that you read the article about Russia/Syria and the coming war with Israel. Israel is preparing for it and believes it will come in about six months. Israel believes that the tactics Russia is using in Northern Syria and Israel also will be used in the South along the Golan Heights.

The Witness and the Record

I finished a teaching on the superiority of the King James Bible as the word of God. In this teaching, I was able to prove, that without a doubt, 1 John 5;7 is the word of God. In fact, all the modern translations omit an enormous amount of words compared to the King James Bible. These omissions eliminate God’s requirements of two or three witnesses to establish a matter, and thus undermine this principle and weaker the power of the word of God.