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Abba Father’s International Fellowship: Kenya

We received exciting emails from Kenya about the work of this ministry in Kenya. The material we are sending is having a huge impact throughout Kenya. Hundreds of pastors have joined and 10,000s of souls have come to Christ for salvation and healing of their broken hearts.

Abba Father’s International Fellowship

God is opening doors for the Prophecy Packet all over the world. The requests for our information are now staggering and we thank the Lord for this. Most of the foreign contacts are very poor and cannot afford to pay. If we do not send the materials for free, then they never will be sent.

Abba Father International Fellowship: Kenya

Last year Pastor Jamil joined Pastor Zaphania in Nairobi, Kenya for street preaching. The preached the brokenhearted message along with the Second Coming of Jesus Christ with great results. The following is a letter from Pastor Zaphania giving details of the results of what happened along with pictures.

Abba Father’s International Fellowship

The ministry is growing so fast through the Prophecy Packet and is spreading all over the world that I can’t keep up with it, so what I did was start a new website and blog called Abba Father’s International Fellowship. I will post daily on this site, so you see the scope of what the Lord is doing through this ministry. I suggest that you to to this site and browse through it.