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This is a must-read article. I repeat. This is a must-read. It brings together what I’ve been saying about the Hard Left reprobate mind, and just how dangerous and destructive it is. The entire article is reprinted, below.

I want to remind you that this rebellion is centered in the Democrat Party. This is the party that started the Civil War over slavery, which resulted in the deaths of 600,000 Americans. This is the party that started the KKK after the Civil War! This is the party behind the discrimination of the black people. This is party that was behind the violence against black people in the South. This is the party, in which many voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and tried to block its passage.
There seems throughout history to be an evil within this party. This party now promotes the homosexual agenda and the killing of babies. It is the party of Planned Parenthood. So many people in this party seem to love Islam and are doing everything they can to get as many Muslims into America as possible. It is the party of death and destruction. Once again it is the party of rebellion and possible civil war.

Muslim spies fired by Congress in DC

Three Muslims were caught accessing protected Congressional information. These Muslims all worked for Democrats! They were probably all part of the Muslim Brotherhood. These three were 25 foot alligators in the DC swamp. This is a good start, but there is a long way to go.
There was nothing about this in the main stream news. They will cover for the Muslims at all times.

Trump Prepares Executive Orders to Reduce Funds for UN Bodies Giving Palestinians Full Membership

The wonders of President Trump never cease. It is about time that the UN is confronted for its attacks on Israel and for promoting a Palestinian state. This is so wonderful, to see real truth spoken at the UN, the EU and to the Muslims. They all hate the truth, especially about Israel, so this is going to be a battle.
We truly are living through history, because the world is never going to be the same.

Palestinians say Obama’s last-minute $221 million payout frozen

Right now it is clear to me that the Lord is using President Trump to judge the wicked. He is destroying their evil empire right before their eyes. God is so good to us, since what he is doing in America is beyond anything I thought would happen. He is destroying an evil empire which was growing in America!
The wicked, through their New World Order, had big plans to create their world, but in God’s sovereign will he is going to bring about the end time events his way and not the devil’s way. The Lord still has use for America, and it is clear that he wants Israel’s back covered before the United Nations and the European Union. He may need the USA to help Israel in the coming war.
Our God really does love us and has answered our prayers beyond anything would could image.