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Muslim spies fired by Congress in DC

Three Muslims were caught accessing protected Congressional information. These Muslims all worked for Democrats! They were probably all part of the Muslim Brotherhood. These three were 25 foot alligators in the DC swamp. This is a good start, but there is a long way to go.
There was nothing about this in the main stream news. They will cover for the Muslims at all times.

Breaking the Cross: Latest ISIS Magazine Aimed At Christians

It appears that ISIS is targeting Christians, like so many Islamic nations. Because of that, many Christians living under Islam are in fear all the time. This is because of what is written in the Koran and Hadiths. The first Islamic caliphate was ruthless towards Christians, and ISIS is just following their actions. Christian women are in great danger under Islam, as we can see from what is happening in Europe.
Islam is bringing the fight to us, and it will not be long before there is great bloodshed coming to the West. I think the war between Islam and the West already has started.
The doctrine in the Koran is directly against Christianity, which energizes the Muslims against us; in addition the Suras promote violence.

‘Brexit is proof that Trump will be the next president’

There is a huge shaking from the Lord going on in the world in the economic realm and among the governments. I believe that what just happened with Great Britain is going to start unraveling the world as we know it, and head us into WW3. The shaking that happened was like a political earthquake that is going to forever change the world. The time of judgment for the Europeans has arrived. The Lord has sent the Muslims as judgment into Europe and now he is about to breakup the European Union and send the entire continent into chaos. They just might strip Europe of its wealth as he brings these nations to their knees.
The Europeans have killed untold numbers of babies, and without ceasing promoted the homosexual agenda, as well as tirelessly trying to divide both Israel and Jerusalem. The time of God’s grace appears to be over, while the judgment is at the door. There is no turning back because the die is cast and the clock is ticking for judgment both in Europe and throughout the world.
America might be be next in line, since the church is playing religious games instead of acting like God’s spiritual battleaxe while God’s judgments are falling all around us!

'Muslim Brothers co-opting Arab Spring to make caliphate'

There never was an Arab Spring as it was always the intent by Obama to bring the Muslim Brotherhood to power and create a caliphate. It is so clear that this was Obama and Clinton attention from the beginning. Right now Mohamed Morsi the president of Egypt is heading the caliphate that plans on destroying Israel and making Jerusalem its capital!

Daily Digest

The following article shows just how committed both Obama and Clinton are in supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and creating the Islamic caliphate. They know exactly what they are doing. They are not stupid as they know the goals of the Muslim Brotherhood. It is SO clear that as the promote the Brotherhood and the caliphate they are planning on the destruction of Israel.

Daily Digest:

The IDF, the Turkish and Jordanian armies and US Middle East forces have switched to preparedness mode in the last few hours in case the Syrian chemical weapons arsenal starts moving west toward Lebanon,”

Book: AS America Has Done to Israel

I would like to bring to your attention that I write about this in both my book As America Has Done to Israel and the companion DVD America and the Day of the LORD. According to the Bible, the future is all mapped out. If you have not read the book or watched the DVD, I highly recommend that you do, as it lays the foundation for what I am teaching on this blog. God wants us to know the events leading to the Day of the LORD.

Daily Digest

We have reached the moment feared by generations of Israeli Intelligence and GSS chiefs. The ultimate nightmare scenario is playing out in front of our very eyes —the same narrative that played a major role in the terror scenarios that starred in the secret war games of the IDF and the Israeli defense system for an entire generation. The moment when Egypt fell — into the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood.”