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Trump threatens to use presidential ‘powers’ to intervene in ‘rigged system

This is great news! The President is telling the truth, and this is a way he can speed up draining the DC swamp. These swamp critters fight to the finish.
In the end the President is going to win. Our job is to back him with prayer. I believe it is God’s will to rip open these horrible cesspool of sin in DC, Hollywood and the media.

Congressman Suggests Republicans are Retiring Due to Assassination Fears

This is a very interesting article linking the retirement of many Republicans due to violence generated by Hard Left Democrats. This reminds me of the KKK and how it was created to terrify black people and keep them from voting. Remember, the Democratic Party has turned into an evil political cult lusting for power and to destroy and enslave us

American Christianity: Revival for Survival

The dark clouds are really gathering over America. Please don’t be fooled by the political revival as it is shallow. I am thankful for President Trump because we would be in great danger if Hillary was elected, great danger. The problem is the schools, most courts, unions, many corporations and the Dem political cult are now Hard Left. They will use this power in an attempt to destroy the real church.