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Mass Exodus From The Church

I have been saying for a long time we need a revival for survival. The power is hemorrhaging out of the American church. There is tremendous compromise, and this drove me out. So many pastors are powerless to the point that instead of ministering according to the Bible they are using psychobabble!

Why Benjamin Franklin Wanted to Partner With Great Awakening Preacher George Whitefield

This is a wonderful article showing the tie between Franklin and the great evangelist George Whitefield. Whitefield was one of the greatest evangelists in history. He was one of evangelists who the Lord used to start in America, what is known, as the Great Awakening. He had a tremendous influence on Franklin who in turn was instrumental in the founding of America.

CNN, MSNBC cast Trump voters as Nazis, rapists

I continually warn about this Hard Left rhetoric. They can’t stop President Trump and his agenda, so now they focus on his supporters. These people are delusional and full of hatred which makes them very dangerous. They first demonize people before moving to violence. This is the stage they are now at on the cusp of demonizing to violence.

CIA, John Brennan Fires Warning Shot to Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell After Trump Orders DOJ to Investigate FBI’s Campaign Infiltration”

This is a very exciting time as the tide has turned agaisnt the swamp critters, and many of them are going to the big house. (This will only happen if we pray). I think this is going all the way to Obama. He mocked God by promoting the homosexual agenda including marriage. He did everything he could to promote and protect abortion, and he tried to beat up Israel at every turn.