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Stephen Colbert: Feeling Good About Being a White (Christian) Male is a ‘Dark Feeling

The attack by the reprobates has been against white males in general, but this focuses on “White Christian Males” of which I am one. The Hard Left is trying to blame every “evil” in history on us. This gives them excuse to both hate and target us just like the Nazis did to the Jews. It is the same loathing, and I think it is going to be worse because we are not passive like the Jews were.

Former Vatican Official Corroborates Allegations Against Pope Francis

There is something diabolically evil at the heart of the Catholic Church. The heart of this is pedophilia which is not just sexual sin, it is the destruction of a child’s person. This sin is ingrained throughout the RCC, and the organization is totally corrupted and compromised. Let’s hope that this event will drive millions out of the RCC right into the arms of Lord and the true saving gospel of Jesus Christ.

Psychiatrist calls today’s left ‘mentally ill’

I seldom agree with a psychiatrist, but on this he is 100 percent correct! He has great insight into the liberal mind and how childish it is. This mindset will destroy America as we know it, because it will rule the nation as a foolish spoiled 12 year old would.

More illegal aliens murders

While we were focused on the illegal alien murdering Molly Tibbets, another innocent woman was murdered by an illegal. Where is the fire in the belly of the American people? How much of this are we going to take.