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Stephen Colbert: Feeling Good About Being a White (Christian) Male is a ‘Dark Feeling

The attack by the reprobates has been against white males in general, but this focuses on “White Christian Males” of which I am one. The Hard Left is trying to blame every “evil” in history on us. This gives them excuse to both hate and target us just like the Nazis did to the Jews. It is the same loathing, and I think it is going to be worse because we are not passive like the Jews were.

Church Mounts Billboard Atop Gay Bar Telling LGBT Community ‘God Takes Pride in You’

What mocking of God and his word! This is one of the most outlandish attacks yet. A “church” posted a pro homosexual billboard on top a gay bar! I guess that drunks also get a free pass to heaven, why not every body! This act was directly aimed at the real church because we preach that homosexuality is sin and to reprobate the mind this is hate speech. To them, the ultimate evil is the God of the Bible and his believers.